Now in our third year, the team at Jet Cooper were looking to refresh and polish our identity across everything from our website to our presentation decks.

The idea was to create a clean, simple and flexible identity system that would lend itself well to the variety of use-cases we often encounter. We also wanted the content to speak for itself, and to supplement that notion our new system had to be both subtle and accommodating.

Our Website

One of the first items that we tackled, and the one that set the tone for all the coming revamps, was our website. As a user experience agency our website is almost always the first point of contact with the people we interact with on a daily basis. Whether they are community members, prospective clients or future employees, our website plays an integral role in communicating who we are and why those people should take interest.

Jet Cooper Home

We Are Jet Cooper

Everyone knows that working on your own site is often the most challenging of projects, but there was one element of the site that everyone agreed on. The approach that every previous iteration of the Jet Cooper website has taken towards featuring the people front and centre is something that set us apart and something that piqued all of our individual interest when looking at Jet Cooper from the outside.

The agreement that this would not change meant we were soon going to be doing a team-wide portrait day! While it may sound like a pretty quick undertaking, we still needed to set a standard for our team portraits that would be quick and easy to replicate (upon the addition of new team members), and something that could be done in multiple locations (in the event we were to move to a new office).


We took advantage of the massive boardroom window and diffused mid-day light to take our team shots. The difficulty came in trying to get natural smiles!

Now that we had the photos we had something to work with when building the new team section on the landing page of our site. Clicking a team member expanded their “card” that features a little bio and link to their Twitter profile. We also implemented a cool little flip-book animation. Try it out!


The Blog

A lot of consideration was given to our main facet of communication with those around us. Since our team had expressed so much interest in contributing to the company blog we wanted something that displayed the variety of different content we’d be receiving from team members and display it well. Decisions like opting to forgo a post listing page in favour of the traditional chronological post format were made on the basis of how often we were anticipating having new content. This meant that the posts had to be distinguishable from one another while maintaining a very structured layout in themselves.


Check out the Jet Cooper blog here, or feel free to start from the beginning.