This project was an explorative exercise that branched off from a similarly themed project from last year. The motivation behind this is really simple; given any extra post-project time, I think most designers would interested in seeing where they can take certain concepts.

Music App

The Landing Screen

Upon entering the application the user lands on the Discover page. The Discover page is where all musician discovery occurs, accomplished by displaying each artist as a “card” and arranging these elements in a straight-forward grid layout. Users can either choose to dive deeper into each artist by clicking anywhere on the card, or if they choose they can also Love the artist from the top-level experience.

The Dock

After entering the application the user is also presented with a sidebar known as the dock. To supplement the audio experience of the application the user has the ability to add songs, adjust queue order, mark favourite tracks as well as the expected audio interface actions of play, pause, previous, next, loop, shuffle and volume.

The dock also features a hidden user menu that is activated when the user clicks his or her own profile photo.

Card Concepts

I went through many iterations while exploring design options for the musician card system. After much back and forth we managed to land on a solution that served the variety of needs we were aiming to, but I was still left with a handful of concepts I still liked. Here are a few a few of those ideas that didn’t make the cut.